We purchased a 1995 Mercedes E300 D to use to demonstrate how biodiesel and waste vegetable oil perform.  An auxiliary tank was added to the car and the fuel system was modified.

Rather than convert the car to grease (waste vegetable oil) or strictly biodiesel, we chose to add an additional fuel tank and the ability to switch between the main tank and the auxiliary tank.  The auxiliary tank is also removable, using a quick disconnect fuel line coupling.  This configuration allows us to test small batches of biodiesel as we perfect our biodiesel processor.  We have also been able to test SVO (biodiesel derived from virgin vegetable oil) in different ratios to evaluate the cars performance.

The adaptation was done with the help of Pete Healey and Bob DeAngelis.

Click on the link below for a tour of the Mercedes and how we adapted it to run with two tanks.